The goalkeeper who protected Pelé's team 

The goalkeeper who protected Pelé's team

Goalkeepers have always been a difficult aspect for the Brazilian national football team. This squad is available at the betting platform, where punters can wager on all their matches. When speaking about Brazil’s midfield and attack, they are virtually unstoppable. However, in the defensive line, they can struggle from time to time. However, this hasn’t always been the case. From time to time, Brazil can also produce some world-class goalkeepers. The 1xBet website can be visited at any moment when wanting to bet on this team.

Helping a legend

For many people, Pelé is the best player in the history of football. With him, Brazil won three different editions of the FIFA World Cup. However, it would have been impossible for the Brazilian legend to win those competitions alone. He had some world-class teammates too, and a top goalkeeper as well. The live 1xBet website is the best place to bet on the FIFA World Cup whenever they are played. Any legendary team must have great players on all their lines. In the case of the Brazilian squad who won the 1958 and 1962 FIFA World Cups, they had an excellent goalkeeper in Gilmar. He played professionally between 1951 and 1969. The teams where he featured were: Corinthians; Santos; and the Brazilian national squad. The live section of the 1xBet website also has all matches from the Brazilian national team. Gilmar played for the national side between 1953 and 1969. He played 94 matches in total. In those years, that was an extremely huge number of games.

A world-class keeper

Perhaps Garrincha or Pelé get most of the credit for the FIFA World Cups that they won with Brazil. However, without Gilmar, those achievements would have been much more difficult if not impossible. The application 1xBet download iOS can be obtained for free, and punters can use it to wager on the Brazilian squad at any moment. Gilmar was basically a complete goalkeeper. He was 1.81 meters tall, which made him a bit smaller than other keepers of the era. However, he compensated for that with excellent reflexes and jumps. Additionally, he was extremely agile. In those years, most goalkeepers stood in the goal line and moved very little. However, the Brazilian went to intercept incoming balls and face opposing attackers if necessary. Punters can download the iOS 1xBet application for wagering on great keepers. Also, many people who saw Gilmar in the field tended to speak about his calmness. Even during decisive matches, he was always seen as extremely calm, and talking to the defenders to keep the defense well organized. This certainly worked great, as he won many titles with the national squad but also lots of domestic trophies in Brazil.