Let's face it. There's a lot of options out there that promise authentic cultural experiences and the opportunity to engage in meaningful placements. So what makes New Lens Travel different?

We flip the script and challenge the power structures typically involved in voluntourism. We recognize and highlight the impressive work that's being done by locals. Our relationship with people on the ground is one of supporting and working in cooperation, rather than taking a lead. 

Here are a few other reasons that set us apart...


We won’t try to fit you in a box. Our connections on the ground give us access to countless professionals who tell stories on everything from sports to social issues. During our intake process, we'll learn more about you so we can provide you with a tailored placement.


You’ll get a virtual toolkit during your pre-departure that includes local movies, music, a language guide and loads of other resources. It'll help familiarize you with culture and current affairs so you can hit the ground running.


You’ll be based in the capital city, which is a hub for activity. This will allow you to connect with locals across socioeconomic levels, giving you a deeper understanding of issues. You'll be able to access a range of events that you wouldn’t find in a village, from hackathons to street festivals. 


You’ll be paired one-on-one with a local professional who will show you the ropes and provide guidance on the ground. This personalized approach means you won’t have to worry about getting lost or forgotten within a large organization.


You don't have to wait until you're on the ground to meet the storyteller you've been paired with. We'll connect you both through Facebook or Skype before you travel, so you can get to know one another and discuss expectations.


We’re storytellers too. We have our pulse on what's happening in the industry including who's winning awards and who's breaking big stories. We choose our local partners based on the quality of their work and media ethics, so you get the best possible experience. 

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